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of Services

Description of Services

Social Security Number Trace Report

Verification of applicant’s social security number via credit databases. The Trace Report provides alias names used by the applicant and addresses where the applicant has lived. This report is an important tool in determining the jurisdictions in which to search criminal records. Utilizing the Trace Report in conjunction with criminal record checks dramatically increases your criminal record “hit rate”.

Driving History

Applicant’s driving record is accessed via the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the appropriate state. This report verifies if the applicant has a valid drivers license and will show traffic violations, suspensions of driving privileges, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and reckless operation charges. This report is a necessity if the applicant will be driving a vehicle as part of his/her job duties.

County Criminal or Civil Record Search

Searches are conducted in-person by our extensive network of courthouse record experts at the Clerk of Courts office. Checks include both felony and misdemeanor records when housed in the same court. All pertinent case information is supplied with each record at no extra cost. No court fees or disposition fees are ever passed on to our clients. This search is recommended for all employees regardless of position.

Multi-State Criminal Search

TriCor offers a Multi-State Criminal Search, which is a comprehensive databased search of multiple criminal record sources. The Multi-State Search contains criminal record information from all 50 states and has over 155 million records. The Multi-State Search is an effective ‘locator’ tool designed to identify jurisdictions in which an applicant potentially has a criminal record. This search, combined with a county criminal record search, identifies criminal history records that otherwise may go undiscovered.

Employment Verification

TriCor has skilled investigators who directly contact the former places of employment of your applicant and obtain the information that you need when making your hiring decision. The “Level One” verification includes dates of employment, position held and eligibility for re-hire. Our “Level Two” verification includes all aspects of the “Level One” verification plus and in-depth interview with the former supervisor including questions regarding job performance, attendance, ability to get along with others, etc…

Education/Professional License Verification

Our investigators directly contact the educational institution or licensing body that your applicant claims to have attended. Information obtained includes dates of attendance and type of degree/license obtained, whether the license is in good standing and the date that the license will expire. Educational credentials are the most commonly falsified part of an employment application.

Employment Credit Report

This information is obtained directly from one of the major credit bureaus. The employment credit report shows past payment patterns on credit accounts, civil actions and bankruptcy filings. This report is especially relevant if the applicant will be responsible for cash or large amounts of valuable company assets.

Federal Criminal, Civil or Bankruptcy Record Search

Searches are conducted at the Federal District Court level by a member of our searcher network. These records differ from County and State searches and show cases filed with the US Government only. This search is recommended for anyone applying for a “white-collar” type of position.

Statewide Criminal Record Search

These searches are conducted with the appropriate state repository of criminal information. Availability varies by state and some states require specialized request forms (notarized release forms, fingerprints, etc…) for the search to be conducted. Turnaround time varies by state and is dependent upon the state agency that houses the records.

Drug Screening

Through a partnership with one of the nations leading drug screening firms, TriCor can help you implement and manage your firms drug screening program on a nationwide level. All phases of the process are handled by our experts including: specimen collection, transportation to a certified laboratory, chain of custody forms, testing of the specimen, and review of both positive and negative results by a Medical Review Officer. Results are delivered quickly in an easy to read format via a variety of secure options.

Sex Offender

Sex offenders, predators and child molesters are required by law to register with local law enforcement authorities wherever they reside. Our sex offender registry search will quickly identify those who have been convicted and registered as sex offenders.

Anti-Terrorist Search

This is a search of the U.S Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, specially designated nationals and blocked person listing. This search will locate individuals that the U.S. Government has identified as having links or support terrorism.

HHS/OIG Exclusions

TriCor Employment Screening has the capability to run checks with the U.S. General Services Administration and the Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General to determine if an individual has been excluded from participation in certain health care programs.  Information is available on over 18,000 individuals nationwide.  This check is a must for anyone involved in the healthcare industry.

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