Unhappy with an “All-in-One” Provider

Unhappy with an “All-in-One” Provider

Unhappy with an “All-in-One” Provider

The Client’s Problem:

Our Client is a national auto parts retailer who was unhappy with their background screening provider’s pricing, customer service and turnaround time. They run hundreds of backgrounds a month, so they needed a cost effective and streamlined process to help them keep up. They began shopping around for alternative providers, one of whom was TriCor Employment Screening.  

TriCor’s Solution:

We worked with the Client to really understand the challenges with their current process, and came up with an easy, efficient, and tailored approach to fit their needs. Not only were we able to give them excellent volume pricing, but we also tailored our process for ordering checks on Applicants to fit their needs perfectly. They can now utilize our online and automated ordering process, so they can submit new Applicants around their schedule.

“I appreciated the time and energy that our account representative put into getting to really understand our needs and I really liked the price,” said the HR Director, Ed.

After testing several other screening companies, they chose TriCor to be their long term partner for all employment screening services across the company.

Results for Our Client:

“The lower cost we’re now getting with TriCor really makes a big difference, since we screen hundreds of applicants a month, so even a $3 or $5 savings per applicant really adds up.”

“As with most companies, we never know if we’re going to be hiring the person we’re doing the background check on, so it’s very important that we keep our costs down.”

In addition to the cost savings, they are also extremely impressed with TriCor’s customer service.  “If there’s ever any type of customer service issue—like trying to figure out why a certain background screen is delayed—all I have to do is make a quick call or send an e-mail and I always get a response back quickly,” says Ed.

“In the past, there were times where I had reports pending for weeks with no explanation from our last vendor” he said. “When I would call to check on the delay, they would promise that the reports were going to be completed soon, but almost never were.  It was very frustrating. We certainly don’t have these issues with TriCor!”

The client also saw improvement with the reports themselves, especially in terms of the report format. According to Ed, the results are being returned much more quickly than before, and are much easier to read and understand.

“I like the TriCor reports better than our previous vendor,” he said. “They are shorter and more concise. Others I’ve seen tend to be redundant and wordy.  Our previous provider’s report was typically about seven pages long, compared to the more streamlined report from TriCor that’s about half as long. Shorter reports are what I need because it takes me less time to read through all the information. Mostly, I’m just trying to get to the bottom line, which is, is this candidate a pass or a fail?”