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Free Consumer Report

Pursuant to the Free Annual File Disclosure Rule, 16 C.F.R. Part 610, consumers may request a free annual file disclosure of their credit report. TriCor Employment Screening is happy to assist with providing this report! Please call us at 1-800-818-5116 and select option 4. You may also send a written request to: TriCor Employment Screening, 110 Blaze Industrial Parkway Suite C, Berea, OH 44017. Consumers may check the status of their request by dialing the 800-number above and selecting option 4.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this report:


Who is entitled to a report?

All consumers are entitled to one free annual file disclosure. However, it is important to know that TriCor Employment Screening, Ltd will not have current credit information stored on you. We only run and maintain reports on individuals that have applied for employment with one of our customers. Our file on you will reflect your credit standing at that time. In order to receive a current credit standing from one of the 3 major credit bureaus, please follow the link below:


How do I request a report?

You have 3 options available to you to easily access your consumer file. First, you can call our toll free number of 800-818-5116 option 4 and speak to one of our consumer specialists. Second, you can mail your request to TriCor Employment Screening, 110 Blaze Industrial Parkway Suite C, Berea, OH 44017. Finally, you can use the online request form provided here.


Will the report just get mailed out?

No, to ensure that you are the actual consumer to whom the report relates to, we must verify your identity first. A consumer relations specialist will contact you once we receive your request.


How long will the process take?

Once you have contacted us and your identity confirmed, a report will be sent via the mail within 2 business days.


How do I check the status of the report?

Simply call our toll free number and indicate you would like to check on the status of your request.


Is there any other way than mail to receive a copy of my report?

No. Because we value the privacy and security of all consumers, we do not fax or electronically transmit free annual files for unverified consumers.

FACT Act (Free Annual Report)

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act) was enacted in 2003 and amends the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  (FCRA)  It is a federal law that regulates, among other things, who is permitted to access your consumer report and how it can be used.  One entitlement awarded to consumers in the FACT Act is a free yearly copy of their consumer files from Consumer Reporting Agencies.


Tricor Employment Screening is a specialty Consumer Reporting Agency in that we have conducted a background check on you on behalf of our client for employment purposes and therefore you are entitled to receive a copy of that employment related consumer report.  We do not maintain a database on all consumer credit reports and the report we do maintain may not represent your current credit standing.  In order to receive your free copy from the nationwide consumer reporting agencies such as Trans Union, Experian, Equifax please follow the link below.


For a free copy of our report please click on contact us and choose your preferred method of contacting us.

Identity Theft

According to the FTC, identity theft occurs when someone uses your name, social security number, date of birth, or other identifying information, without authority, to commit fraud.  Everyone is concerned with identity theft and our company is no exception.


If you have been a victim of identity theft and would like to dispute the findings of our consumer report, please contact us.  For further information please follow the links below:


FTC Consumer Advice – Identity Theft:


FCRA Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft:

Victims of Human Trafficking: How to request a block of adverse information resulting from Human Trafficking

Instructions for Submitting a Request to Block Adverse Items resulting from Human Trafficking


We will need you to provide:

  1. “Appropriate proof of identity” as part of your submission to us to request a block of adverse items of information that resulted from trafficking. Please provide as much information as possible.
    • First, Middle, Last Name
    • Any other or previous used names
    • Current and/or recent full address (street number and name, apt. no., city, state and zip code)
    • Social Security Number
    • Date of Birth

Additional proof of identity if needed: Copies of government-issued identification documents, utility bills, and/or other methods of authentication of a person’s identity.


2. Trafficking Documentation. This is:

    • Victim Determination Information
      • Victim determination is generally defined as documentation of a determination that a consumer is a victim of trafficking. This may be any of:
        • a Federal, State of Tribal Government entity
        • A court or competent jurisdiction, which includes certain documents filing in court
        • A non-governmental organization or human trafficking task force, including victim service providers affiliated with these entities, authorized by a Federal, State, or Tribal Government entity
        • A self-attestation by a consumer who identifies as a victim of trafficking that is signed or certified by a Federal, State, or Tribal Government entity, court of competent jurisdiction, or an authorized representative of these entities.
    • Identified adverse items of information. This is generally documents that identify items of adverse information that should not be furnished by us because the items resulted from a severe form of trafficking in persons or sex trafficking. An “adverse item of information” could include records containing derogatory information, such as payment delinquencies or defaults, records of coerced debt, records of criminal arrests and convictions, and records of evictions or non-payment of rent.
    • A preferred means of written communication to you. This can be a mailing address or email address.


Please mail the above information to either of these mailing addresses:


TriCor Employment Screening
110 Blaze Industrial Parkway, Suite C
Berea, OH 44017


TriCor Employment Screening
PO Box 38304
Olmstead Falls, OH 44138


If you have any questions regarding what to provide, please call us at 800-818-5116


An overview of the Human Trafficking Regulation can be found here:

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PO Box: TriCor Employment Screening, PO Box 38304, Olmstead Falls, OH 44138

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