Consolidating Multiple Vendors into One

Consolidating Multiple Vendors into One

Consolidating Multiple Vendors into One

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The Client’s Problem:

Our Client is a Real Estate Development and Management Company, with developments and corporate offices all across the country. Due to their size, they perform thousands of background checks, drug tests, and driving record checks every year. TriCor was already their trusted partner for background checks, but they had a previous relationship with a drug test vendor that promised them low prices for their volume business. While the prices were slightly less than what other competitors, including TriCor, could provide, the quality of service was sub par. It was also becoming increasingly cumbersome to manage background checks and drug tests through 2 different vendors.

TriCor’s Solution:

TriCor examined their hiring process from top to bottom and made recommendations and changes to the process to provide a more efficient way of requesting background checks while simultaneously creating a better Applicant Experience.  As with every account, a dedicated Customer Service Representative was assigned to oversee and manage their account to ensure all of their needs were being met, something their other vendor couldn’t provide.

Results for Our Client:

Not only did this new solution cut the Client’s time to initiate an Applicant screen in half, but it also leads to a much better Applicant experience. Managing completed results is also much easier for the Client – by using TriCor’s web portal, they can check the status of all background and drug tests for Applicants across the country. Even with a slight increase in per-drug-test cost, the time our Client saves in starting, tracking and managing tests MORE then pays for itself. So not only were they able to ultimately save money by choosing TriCor for both Background Checks and Drug Tests, but they are also able to give their internal Managers and their Applicants a much better experience. That’s a win/win!