Automated Solutions allow for Continued Growth

Automated Solutions allow for Continued Growth

Automated Solutions allow for Continued Growth

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The Client’s Problem:

Our Client has more than 60 locations throughout the United States and was growing quickly. They came to TriCor needing a much more automated solution to initiate and complete the growing number of background checks that they were processing. They also needed to receive and store results in a centralized location for internal auditing and record keeping.  Their personnel were spending far too much time on the background screening process, and it simply wasn’t sustainable without a significant increase in HR staff headcount – along with the costs that come along with it.

TriCor’s Solution:

TriCor Employment Screening spent the upfront time to understand all of the concerns that the Client had, and come up with a tailored solution that satisfied all of their pre-employment screening objectives in one solution. Tricor integrated with their ATS system, allowing them to request employment screening packages from directly within their ATS.

The client also had constant issues with their previous vendor completing DOT and NON-DOT drug and alcohol testing programs.  TriCor’s electronic chain of custody forms, thousands of collections sites, random and onsite testing programs and MIS reporting solved all of their problems out-of-the-box.

Results for Our Client:

Because TriCor was able to easily integrate with the Client’s ATS system, both background and drug screening requests are now initiated with a single click, freeing up their HR personnel to spend much more time on their human resource duties rather than administrative functions and chasing paper and processes for employment screening. After TriCor completes the checks, results are loaded back into the Client’s ATS, so they are able to see results without ever leaving their internal system. By bundling background screening and drug testing into a single vendor, TriCor, the Client was able to not only save money with TriCor’s volume pricing, but also save themselves from the time and frustration of having to deal with 2 different vendors depending on what screening service they needed.