Customized Solutions for a Busy Client

Customized Solutions for a Busy Client

Customized Solutions for a Busy Client

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The Client’s Problem:

TriCor was referred by a current Client to a growing Cable Company.  The Cable Company was looking to centralize and standardize the background check process that their vendors used to run background checks on the thousands of contractors they placed with the firm each year. Their requests have added complexity, since the Cable Company’s vendors are the ones directly requesting the information, but they still had to meet the Cable Company’s standards for disqualifying criteria. For privacy reasons, they did not want vendors to view the full results of the background checks; They only wanted to know when the reports were completed and whether the contractor passed or failed.

TriCor’s Solution:

TriCor developed a customized online ordering system where the vendors were able to order background checks for the employees they are trying to place within the Cable Company. Only authorized vendors are allowed to access the ordering system as determined by the Cable Company, and they could only see a pass/fail status, not the complete information. The ordering process itself is as simple as logging in and inputting the contractor’s name, DOB and SSN – TriCor takes care of the rest. TriCor’s system automatically orders the correct background check package which is pre-determined by the Cable Company. Our Client does nothing more than wait for emails telling them when reports have been completed and whether the contractor passed or failed according to the criteria.

Results for Our Client:

TriCor was able to listen to the Cable Company’s unique challenges for their background check needs, and come up with a customized solution that exceeded their expectations: Not only are they able to allow their vendors to do the heavy lifting of the Applicant Screening process, but TriCor made it simple enough that they no longer have to spend any time training vendors on the process. TriCor’s customer service team even takes care of onboarding new vendors, training them when needed, and answering any questions they have throughout the screening process. Our end Client, the Cable Company, can now focus on growing their business, and let TriCor handle all of their employment screening.