Outgrowing Smaller Competitors

Outgrowing Smaller Competitors

Outgrowing Smaller Competitors

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The Client’s Problem:

Our Client is a mid-sized medical device company.  They were using a local provider for background checks and had been fairly happy until they finally outgrew their vendor.  They found that maintaining a fragmented, paper-based approach to pre-employment screening was simply much too costly and time consuming. As the company grew, its local provider was unable to keep up with demand for checks. The report turnaround times slowed to an unacceptable five-to-seven days.

TriCor’s Solution:

TriCor examined their hiring process from top to bottom and made recommendations and changes to the process to provide a more efficient way of requesting background checks while simultaneously creating a better Applicant Experience.  As with every account, a dedicated Customer Service Representative was assigned to oversee and manage their account to ensure all of their needs were being met, something their other vendor couldn’t provide.

Results for Our Client:

By helping the client revamp and streamline their process, TriCor was able to reduce the Client’s average turnaround time on criminal record searches to under 48 hours. While the Client received similar pricing to what they had before, the now receive much faster results, and much better Customer Service than they had before. Most important for this Client was TriCor’s expertise in helping them streamline their own internal processes – something TriCor provides as a no cost, value-added service to all of it’s Clients, no matter what volume of screening they do. It’s the TriCor way!